The work in Cluster Consulting is dynamic and innovative, which provides to the consultant the opportunity to meet different clients, places, methodologies and businesses.


Our clients are governments and regional institutions that foster the regional development. The beneficiaries of the projects are enterprises organized in a cluster structure, which receive the support in an international business dynamic.

We build a long-term relationship with our clients, helping them with the definition and development of competition, innovation and cluster policies.

There are different types of projects that include consultancy, training and new methodology development. In consultancy projects we can highlight innovation and cluster policies.

  • Cluster initiatives of six months, in which the best strategy and action plan are defined alongside with the cluster.
  • Sector or cluster strategic analysis, in two months.
  • Identification and a two-week visit to an international reference cluster in order to understand the best practices and strategies.
  • Articulation of technical cooperation agreements between regions from different countries.


The characteristics of the economic region that we work on are also diversified. There is the possibility to work with high technology industrial cluster (ICT, smart cities, biotechnology, food technology, etc.), low technology clusters (textile and furniture, food processing, etc.), service clusters (tourism), primary food production (fruits, coffee, etc.).