We offer a career designed to develop the full potential of our collaborators giving opportunities and support to grow progressively.

The company structure is organized in five professional categories: junior consultant, senior consultant, manager, director and partner. Each category involves specific responsibilities and benefits. For successful employees, the estimated time in each category is 2 years and the process of progress is made through an annual evaluation system based on the projects carried out and performance.

Professional Carrer in Cluster Consulting

The access to each category depends on previous training and experience for each candidate. Usually, a junior consultant is a recent graduated person and a senior consultant holds at least a masters degree in business/economics or significant experience.

We constantly encourage professional growth by:

  • The allocation of responsibilities and tasks based on skills and experience.
  • Teamwork with professionals from leading universities and companies.
  • Participation in international business trips.
  • Direct interaction with high-level civil servants and managers.
  • Evaluations and feedback at the end of each project.

We promote training both inside and outside the firm:

  • We conduct internal training with all staff members.
  • We encourage and support the pursuit of relevant training in leading institutions.
  • We encourage consultants to pursue Masters degrees in leading institutions and demonstrate flexibility during this process.  

All professionals joining the company go through an intensive six-month training including specific seminars and daily interaction with a team with extensive experience.