Carlos Tarrasón, Cluster Consulting CEO, will be participatin in the TCI Global Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland during the 7-9 November 2023. He will presenting the 8th on the exploration session 3 "New approaches to Regenerate clusters and production systems". He will present the experience with Superfood regenerative clusters in Peru – communities, land, water and biodiversity.

Peru has biodiverse coast, mountain and amazon ecosystems with large, medium and small producers of superfoods. Peru has a global market position for its quality and organic production, and supports a more sustainable production for large companies (circular economy innovation program) and small and medium (cluster program).  

The quinoa cluster in Apurimac (Southern Peruvian Andean Region) is composed by small artisanal producers with an average of 2 quinoa hectares and aggregated 8000 tons. They produce in the ancestral way, in the mountain sides, with one harvest per year.

Low market prices were forcing them to look for a new intensive production system or a new crop (less sustainable).

The project identified an emerging sophisticated demand for organic regenerative products certified for the USA and EU paying a better price, having a social impact and preserving the quality of soil and biodiversity.  

The cluster initiative was fundamental for this region and Peru.

Three key learning points:

  • In developing countries clusters are fundamental to understand global market demands and organize small and medium producers in a sustainable and competitive way.
  • The cluster strategy is the guiding star for companies and institutions.
  • Clusters not only need financial support, also a national / regional program with professionals providing advice, tools, connections and commitment.