We started the quinua Cluster initiative in the Apurimac Cusco corridor! 

With the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of the Andean grain sector in the Apurímac Cusco corridor, Cluster Consulting is working on the project to Strengthen the Quinoa Cluster with various key actors belonging to the sector in the region.

The project began the fourth week of November, together with CESAL.

The second week of December the course on clusters and competitiveness will be held for a group of guests related to the initiative. In the course, you will learn in a theoretical and practical way about cluster initiatives, their application to reality and their impact on the competitiveness of a sector.

Likewise, in the following weeks of December and January, visits and interviews will be carried out with key actors in the sector in Apurímac Cusco as part of the project's diagnostic phase.

On February 10, 2022, the first public presentation of the project will be held. To this presentation are invited the driving members of the cluster as well as potential members who are interested in the project. In this, the project will be presented to the public, the characterization and challenges of the cluster will be shown, an analysis of the sector in Peru and the world, the existing supply and demand trends and the initial approximation of the existing business segments will be exposed.

In the following months we will continue working on the project, which includes the participatory construction of a strategy for the cluster and the formation of a management group, with the ultimate objective of promoting the competitiveness of quinoa in the region.

We thank the representatives of the different associations, companies and public and academic institutions for their participation in the project, and CESAL for the support provided.