International benchmark

During the 11th to 15th April 2016 we were on a mission together with a delegation from the Minas Gerais Government, IADB, FIEMG and SEBRAE-MG to know about the experience of Uruguay and Argentina in the building and management of Innovation Systems and Centers and bring it to the development of the Minas Gerais System.

On July 11th 2013 was signed the environmental cooperation agreement, particularly for the management of solid waste, between Government of Catalonia (Departament of Territory and Sustainability, ARC) and the Government of Minas Gerais (SEDE, SEMAD, FEAM) in the administrative center of Minas Gerais Government. The agreement was facilitated by Cluster Consulting during 2012 and 2013. 

From the 13th to 17th of February 2012 we performed a mission with a Minas Gerais government delegation to better understand the experience of Catalonia in Urban Waste Management and to support the foundations of a technical cooperation agreement between Catalonia and Minas Gerais.

During the 14th to 17th June we visited with SEBRAE-MG 14 companies and institutions that lead the fashion textile manufacturing Catalan cluster.